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Find out what our clients have to say about our full range of treatment options. Get a deeper insight into how our experts were able to deeply impact the lives of the people we serve. Client satisfaction is one of our number one priorities!

Testosterone Therapy 2 years, 4 months

“I have never felt better in my life. My relationship with my wife is much improved and I feel as much attraction to her as I did when we were both young. I believe testosterone saved my marriage. I started on Androgel 1% but found it a little weak. I decided to go on testosterone injections and bang, I felt like my old self!”

Testosterone Therapy 6 months

“I started my testosterone replacement program six months ago. I feel much better and perhaps the best I can remember for a long time. I am now back in the gym 3 times a week. Prior to my testerone treatments I was down to one time a week and even at that point I was dragging myself in. My sex life is back to normal, literally. And I attribute this directly to my testosterone injections. My T levels were at 271 and I believe the low testosterone level was destroying my life. Seeking treatment and going on a program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Testosterone Therapy 1 year

“A little over a year and 1/2 ago I went to see my family physician because I felt tired all the time and had very low sex drive. He had my blood tested and my testosterone came back 328 which is on the low side but still within the established normal ranges at the laboratories. So he refused to look into testosterone replacement for me. At the time what I and my doctor didn’t realize was that my free testosterone was extremely low so although I was in the so-called normal ranges of 300 to 1,200, I was experiencing all the symptoms of low t. So I searched online and found the Optimal Health Testosterone Therapy specialists who better understood my condition and listened to me. By the time I took my second blood test, my t levels were beneath the lowest threshold for normal so I qualified for low testosterone treatment and must say I feel great after a year on therapy.”

HCG & Clomid 6 months – Testosterone 5 months

“I started with HCG injections to help boost my testosterone levels and clomid to lower my estrogen levels. I had been taking Cialis as well to help with sexual function. This regimen helped somewhat but it wasn’t until I started injecting the testosterone itself that I found a big difference in how I felt. Now 5 months later, I look better, my belly is flatter and my muscles are bigger. Working out is a breeze again and my sex life is good without the Cialis. If you have low testosterone, check out getting treated, I’m happy I did. ”

HGH Injections & Testosterone Treatment 9 months

“My biggest problem was weight gain and a complete lack of energy. I could barely workout and had stopped doing my morning jogs. I had researched Human Growth Hormone and had a blood test which showed that I was growth hormone and testosterone deficient. About nine months ago, I began a hormone treatment program that combined HGH therapy and Testosterone therapy with injections slowly but surely my weight returned to normal, I have a lot more energy, sleep better at night and simply feel better. There is no doubt in my mind that a hormone imbalance can cause a lot of symptoms and getting on a hormone treatment program with bio-identical hormones is a very good option for people like myself. Therapy has met my expectations and I would highly recommend it.”

Testosterone Treatment 7 months

“I had tried a Testosterone Therapy Program using Androgel but it wasn’t until I started using Testosterone injections that I realized how awesome this type of treatment is especially for guys like me who need it. The medical staff at Optimal Health take their time and provide an incredible amount of individualized attention. The physician takes time to really listen to you and hear your concerns. I think that is what makes their testosterone program unique. My medical health advisor assisted me with self injecting the Testosterone, and provided me a complete explanation of how to use the estrogen blockers. My testosterone therapy program has been an easy to understand, step by step process that is giving me great results. I feel happier and healthier than ever.”

Testosterone Therapy 3 years 2 months

“I have been on my TRT program which includes HCG for over 3 years and could not be happier. Thank you Optimal! Roger, G., Los Angeles ”

Testosterone Therapy 1 year 3 months

“I am now 50 and five years ago I was feeling weak and was flabby. I constantly felt drained and tired all day. I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning and sex life was non-existent. I was depressed, moody and angry all the time. I didn’t want to continue living this way and the vitamins I was taking did not seem to give me any energy at all. After seeing the Low T commercial on TV, I went on the internet and discovered that my symptoms were like those described in the commercial and I found a treatment clinic to have my blood tested and found out my t levels were extremely low as well as my growth hormone levels. My lack of energy and flabby muscles were probably due to low testosterone and HGH. So I signed up with Optimal Health Medical, got my physical exam and started a combination HGH and testosterone replacement program. I have been taking both hormones for over a year and it is simply amazing. I have my sex drive back, plenty of energy and drive. I actually wan to jump out of bed and get to work. My muscles are harder and stronger and I look lean and in good shape. So for me the program is working – thanks Optimal.”

Testosterone and HGH Therapy 11 months

“I went to my general doctor and he said my T levels were normal! I felt tired all the tima and was gaining weight fast. I had no sex drive, how could my doctor say I was normal. I wanted to feel strong and energetic again, I wanted my sex life back and to gain back muscle mass. I was tired of feeling tired. My blood test showed low testosterone and HGH levels and I started a program at Optimal Health. I am very happy I ded. It has been 11 months since I started taking HGH using the convenient genotropin miniquick pen and weekly testosterone injections. If you are like me, over 30 and feel sluggish, tired all the time and less energetic, then get your T levels checked. I am back in the gym and seeing results from working out and the results before and after using HGH and testosterone are definitely easy to see. – Glen, Cleveland, OH”