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Providing the latest health and age management medical services to adult men and women

Providing the latest health and age management medical services to adult men and women


health and age management

No matter if you are a weekend warrior or someone who needs a little boost in the bedroom, Modern Therapy has the answers to many health questions you may have.

For Medical Director George Ibraheim, D.O., Rose Zegarra, PA-C, Ian Gillman and Javier Murcia, and the staff at this progressive center, located in the heart of Hallandale Beach, it is all about benefitting their patients and giving them an opportunity to live an active lifestyle.

Modern Therapy has been providing patients with Testosterone Treatment, Human Growth Hormone Therapy, HCG, Andropause and Menopause Treatment for over 20 years.

During that time, their highly-trained physicians have taken their time to carefully listen to the patients and treat their symptoms with a holistic approach. That approach has not only been popular, but effective.

“It’s all about circulation and blood flow,” Dr. George Ibraheim explained. “The knowledge that we have here is amazing – with so many qualified and experienced professionals to not only diagnose your problem but provide a sound and proven treatment plan as well.”

Whether your issue is a sports injury or erectile dysfunction (ED), it all comes down to being able to keep the blood flowing and coming up with a plan, specifically designed for each patient, to follow on a path to ensure their treatment will be beneficial to their well-being.

Natural Medicine is the practice of repairing the body’s faltering defense with nutraceuticals and micro-nutrients that are native to your own biochemistry. Therefore, the use of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and anti- oxidants are used to enhance the body’s enzyme systems, optimize hormones and boost immune function.

At Modern Therapy, it’s not only about treatments for ED and Sexual Health, but also Anti-Aging, Hormone Therapy, Supplements, Labs, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Natural Preventive Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Testosterone.


health and age management

One of the most popular treatments available at Modern Therapy is Shockwave Therapy.

This intense, but very short energy wave, travels faster than the speed of sound. In today’s pain therapy, Shockwave energy is conducted from the point of origin through the skin, penetrating deeply if needed, to where the painful tissue lies. When the shock wave hits the dysfunctional tissue, healing is stimulated by the side effects of the tissue transfusing and absorbing the energy of the wave. Extracorporeal shock waves stimulate certain processes and cells within the body, so the body is able to heal itself.

“The idea behind the Shockwave Therapy is it works when you have chronic degenerative soft tissue,” Dr. Ibraheim pointed out. “Many traditional therapies such as anti- inflammatory medications, steroid injections, massage and others can assist the body in the early stages, but something chronic needs something more effective.”

Many of us have experienced pain and looked for relief just about everywhere – and quick treatments such as cortisone shots. While these take away the pain – this is only temporary. That’s why using more ‘modern therapies’ can make an impact over longer periods of time.

The Shockwave Therapy healing method uses modern technology to provide to provide patients with safe and high-quality physiotherapy throughout the body.

The shockwave machine applies strong energy pulses to affected areas for short periods of time, creating micro- cavitation bubbles that expand and burst. The force penetrates tissue where it stimulates the cells that are responsible for connective tissue and bone healing.

“With this treatment you no longer have to live in pain,” Dr. Ibraheim said. “The shockwave therapy treatment has proven to benefit muscles and tendons for those with tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis and so many other points where pain can occur.”

The machine targets your ailments with multiple settings that are directed at the specific reason you started coming to Modern Therapy. From body smoothing to scar smoothing, treatment of pregnancy stretch-marks and wrinkle smoothing, you can get the results that you were
looking for.

The machine also helps with muscular pain, chronic pelvic pain, and relief of pain caused by prostatitis.

“What the Shockwave Therapy does is amazing – and there are so many positives that we use it for,” said Ian Gillman, who has been helping patients feel better for many years. “Have you ever had a heel spur or plantar fasciitis? Shockwave Therapy is designed to help give your quality of life back.”

The shockwave machine available at Modern Therapy aids in the relief of: Cervical (Neck) Pain, Lumbar (low back) and Sciatic Pain, Wrist Pain, Knee and Joint Pain, Muscle Spasms, Elbow & Joint Pain, Lower Extremity Pain, as well as Foot & Ankle Pain.

Shockwave Therapy also helps with skin elasticity improvement, regulation of muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, medical/wellness massage, as well as muscle and connective tissue activation.

Rose Zegarra, PA-C, is also impressed with everything Modern Therapy has to offer – with machinery that is geared to make patients feel better – given in a relaxing atmosphere.


When it comes to Men’s Health, the slow decline or loss of sexual vigor and performance, poor self-confidence, weight gain, fatigue and other issues are addressed – along with personal issues that can alter men’s health.

Effective personalized treatments are prescribed for Erectile Dysfunction, low testosterone, prostate health, stress, irritability, lack of concentration or sleep.

For women, comprehensive information on health conditions, diseases and wellness are also available. Modern Therapy deals with critical women’s health
concerns in order to help them take better care of themselves, including tips on menopause and healthy aging, as well as bone health, sexual dysfunction, skin rejuvenation and weight management.

To help everyone achieve optimal health, Modern Therapy offers such treatments as HGH Therapy, HCG Injections, Stem Cell Injections, PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets), Vitamin B Infusion, IV Therapy and much more.

Modern Therapy
1250 East Hallandale Beach Blvd.
2nd Floor
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


Premier Day Med Spa Is An Amazing & Stress-Free Experience


health and age management
health and age management

As Nancy Murcia walked around the all new Premier Day Med Spa, she was quick to talk about the transformation of this impressive facility that is now offering more than ever.

From an array of facials – such as “The STAR Treatment” Hydradermie Galvanic Facial and the Rejuvenating Facial, to the Luminous HydraPH Peel and the always popular Microdermabrasion, this is a facility that now separates itself from the rest.

From the moment you walk off the second-floor elevator, the reception area welcomes you to a world of comfort and relaxation.

“What we have done is taken that average spa experience and added the med spa element, “Murcia pointed out. “We offer what our clients have asked for – and much more.”

In addition to the facials, Premier Day Med Spa is rolling out a menu of services that include Eyelash Extensions, Microblading, Microneedling, Facial Enhancement Treatments with Cosmetic Procedures and IV Vitamin Infusions, a Halotherapy Spa & CBD Oil Massages.

“You can design your own spa packages from all that we provide,” Murcia pointed out. “Premier Day Med Spa has been creating a truly relaxing atmosphere for our clients for more than a decade. We use the most advanced health and beauty treatments available, combined with a full range of luxury massages, skin care and laser hair removal. Our therapists are trained specialists with extensive training.”

One of the most popular treatments is the PRP (Platelet- Rich Plasma), which produces a rejuvenating and tightening effect on your skin, giving it a healthy, youthful glow and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles as well as making textural improvements and even stimulates hair growth.
Interested in Body Contouring and weight loss treatments? Lose inches instantly, prevent cellulite, speed up cell regeneration and regain youthful smooth and silky skin.

Premier Day Med Spa
1250 East Hallandale Beach Blvd.
2nd Floor

Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


By :

Dr. George Ibraheim, DO, Medical Director,

is an Allopathic & Osteopathic Physician with specialties in Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease.


John Wolf Jr, MD, Medical Advisor,

has his Training and Certification in Age Management Medicine by the Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation.


Rose Zegarra, PA-C,

with 15 years of experience as a Physician Assistant, including Primary Care medicine, Endocrinology, and Dermatology.

Ian A. Gillman, B.A.,

Clinical Advisor with over 5 years of experience counseling clients on the latest Anti-Aging medical treatments and helping men and women with a variety of sexual and health dysfunctions.